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A fun, safe and inclusive team sport for a unique experience





What is Dragon Boating?

It’s a fun, safe and inclusive team sport ideal for clients looking for new and unique team building ideas. A dragon boat is a long narrow boat that holds up to 20 paddlers all working together in unison to move the boat forward.


Working together is essential for success, both in the workplace and on a dragon boat. Both rely on cooperation, communication and commitment to achieve positive results.

The dragon boat experience fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and accomplishment among participants. Best of all, everyone comes away enthusiastic and energized with a renewed sense of common purpose. Dragon boating epitomizes the very essence of working as a team.

At DragonFire, dragon boating is our signature team building event! We are passionate dragon boaters and enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with our corporate clients.

Our session begins with a short introduction to dragon boating including a safety brief. Teams are assigned and participants are given a PFD, paddle and a team bandana. After a demonstration at the shore, we head out on the water, under the guidance of the coach. Participants work as a team to develop their skills in preparation for races. Synchronicity is the key!

Teams put what they have learned to the test in a series of exciting races culminating in a grand final with the medal presentation taking place on the beach.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

  • Rewards of a combined effort: "Locking in" to a common goal

  • Understanding synergy of teamwork and collaborative mindset

  • Importance of mental focus and discipline required to learn a challenging new skill quickly and effectively

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills

  • Rewards of (controlled) risk taking - from time to time we see participants who are a little nervous about dragon boating. A great learning curve when they come back to shore having loved the experience and overcome their preconceived fears about the activity


What to bring

  • Comfortable sport clothes that can get wet

  • Water shoes or land shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (flip flops are ok)

  • A change of clothes

  • Sunglasses (preferably sport glasses that won’t fall off)

  • Sunhat and sunscreen


DragonFire provides

  • Paddles

  • PFDs/Lifejackets

  • Coaches and training

  • Changing rooms


Health & Safety

  • DragonFire adheres to safety procedures outlined by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

  • DragonFire operates under comprehensive insurance including 3rd party liability.

  • All teambuilding participants must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) whilst on the boat.

  • Boats operate within a safe distance from the Sheraton beach shoreline.

  • Our onsite team hold current first aid and water safety certification


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How does it work?

Teams compete in a series of exciting, engaging and entertaining games in a round-robin format, with results progressively posted to the score board.


Games take place on both the sand and grass areas and feature a variety of both old and new favourites including: water balloon volleyball, broken pipeline, wring the towel relay, obstacle course, tug of war and many more.


Our activities are inclusive of all ages and abilities, and clients can select from a wide range of both high and low energy games. At the end of the tournament, points are tallied to determine the Olympic Champions and medals awarded!

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

  • Communication and cooperation

  • Establishing, and building on, a positive team energy

  • Quick thinking

  • Team work






How does it work?

Participants are grouped into teams and provided with all the necessary materials to make their own cardboard boat. The team must first decide on a design complete and then work against the clock to build the boat according to their design specifications.


DragonFire facilitators are on hand to assist the teams with any questions and time keep. Once complete, the team presents the merits of their newly built product to the rest of the group in a one minute presentation, and then set about to put their vessel to the ultimate test on the water in an exciting race between teams!

​​Learning Outcomes and Benefits

  • Problem solving

  • Establishing diverse and complementary team roles

  • Working under a time pressure to create a project from conception to completion

  • Quick thinking

  • Team work





How does it work?

Our treasure hunt challenges teams with a variety of fun and exciting puzzles and brain teasers, each of which must be solved to find the clue to a designated location on the venue grounds. Once solved, teams must find the location and take a “selfie” with the whole team, which acts as their “key” to the next challenge.


Teams race against each other to complete all the challenges and receive the final clue to the treasure location. The first team to discover the hidden treasure wins the prize!

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

  • Problem solving

  • Communication and cooperation

  • Working against the clock

  • Working under a time pressure

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